Cthylla – The Undisclosed Daughter of Cthulhu

Deep in the sunken depths of earlier’ lies the secret daughter the youngest of all of the off spring of EDR and Cthulhu. Cthulhu is by far the most valuable of her father’s children but she’s a relatively new addition to mythos being created by Brian Lammle and first appearing in the transition of titus Crowell a novel first published in 1975. Lumley offered no real description of Cthulhu but many suggest that her name may be referenced to the Greek sea monster Scylla. Several years later in 1997 the short story titled in his daughter’s darkening womb depicts Cthulhu is a huge winged octopus. Despite Cathal had been quite a recent addition to the overall mythos she still has quite an important role to play. Cthulhu himself in his great hindsight is aware that some time in the distant future he will be destroyed and so Cthylla became somewhat of a fail safe plan for when that day does eventually arrive it has been foretold that Cthulhu is one day destined to give birth to Cthulhu soon after he has been destroyed – Cthulhu his daughter is essentially insurance that he will live on regardless of his fate and this is why she so heavily guarded by his minions the deep ones in a young Yara. The Willmar Foundation are an organization based in the fictional city of Arkham in Massachusetts they completely dedicate themselves to combating the great old ones with hundreds of agents and connections all around the world.


When the head of Cthulhu and what she meant in the grand scheme of destroying Cthulhu they launched a mission named Project X which attempted to kill Cthulhu were subterranean atomic bomb. The bomb itself being detonated deep in the ocean would cause humanity little harm and with Kathy Lagoon the demise of Cthulhu was only a matter of time. The plan however was unsuccessful they managed to wound Cthulhu but she was still able to escape and go back into hiding with the great dreamer now aware of humanity’s plan to target his daughter. These minions will watch over her even closer than before. If we take a look at in his daughter’s darling wound Cthylla is actually captured by a group of researchers who believed her to be a rare undiscovered species of octopus. Thinking that she was the only one of her kind the research team decided to impregnate her they also took some notes on her appearance at first once she is an enormous six-eyed octopus with small wings and a red body. However they noticed that she was able to alter her body proportions at will she could have large her wings if she needed to fly and much like a regular octopus she had eight arms but she was able to generate more if required and each of these arms had dozens of razor-sharp claws at the end of them. Cthylla does also appear in Peter relax in the Hall of the yellow King where she takes a more human form as a potential bride to house them.

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Despite being a fairly recent addition to the mythos I do quite like the role that Cthulhu plays she’s almost a reminder that some of the great old ones can be slain and though we cannot comprehend much about Cthulhu and his personality with Cthylla we can see that he clearly does fear death enough that he values the protection of his daughter quite highly it does also raise an interesting question if Cthulhu is aware of his own inevitable death then we as audience enough wondering what these possible causes could be having heard my opinion I’d like to hear what you think is Cthulhu in addition to the mythos that you like or would you prefer that she didn’t exist let me know in the comments below.

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