Taurus – Facts, Memes, Quotes & Everything You Need To Know

Taurus Sign

If your birthday is between April 20th and May 20th, we’ve got some insight about your personality. Welcome to Preetkamal.com and today we’ll be counting down our picks to the top five signs you are a true Taurus. Number 5: You enjoy the finer things in life, are you inviting me to the finer things … Read more

Bugs Bunny – History, Images, Quotes, Memes & Gifs

Bugs Bunny Laying And Eating Carrot

Bugs Bunny History/Origin Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck they’re pretty good characters but you know my favourite at all is the one that makes this remark “What’s Up Doc”. Well, today we marked the 73rd birthday for Bugs Bunny. He aired for the first time on July 27th of 1940. The first show was in the Warner … Read more

Johnny Bravo – Origin, Images, Memes, Gifs & Quotes

If You Remember Me Johnny Bravo Quotes

Johnny Bravo Today we’re talking about one of the coolest cartoon characters of all time. I’m talking about Johnny Bravo, yeah that’s right Johnny Bravo was a show on Barbera. I should have a Cartoon Network technically because it that’s right when Hanna-barbera was changing hand Cartoon Network. Back in the late 90s our mid … Read more

Spring Equinox

spring equinox diagram

Hello and welcome to the spring equinox. Now some people think the spring equinox is just the day that’s been designated to mark the beginning of spring somewhat randomly chosen. Maybe when the weather is getting warmer but in fact, that’s not the case the spring equinox comes from astronomical motions. In fact it’s related … Read more

The Real History of Christmas

The Real History of Christmas

Christmas History In the winter season around December 25th the people celebrated the winter solstice and so the winter solstice would come about somewhere from December 21st all the way to around January 6th or some and so the people of the north would celebrate different holidays have different occasions based upon the winter solstice … Read more