Story Of Medusa – Everything You Need To Know About

Hunted by many warriors who wish to claim the prize of her head. Many tried and many failed turned to stone of just a glance at her hideous face. Medusa was not always considered a monster in fact it was quite the opposite. She was the only mortal of three sisters born to four keys and seto two of the primordial sea gods. She possessed great beauty and many men lusted for Medusa but out of respect for the goddess Athena she remained pure … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Cargo Virus

Cargo Virus

Cargos a move that takes place in post-apocalyptic Australia will be witnessed the aftermath of a virus outbreak that turns the infected into zombie like creatures. Today this post will focus on explaining the virus itself rather than explaining the entire movie but there will most likely still be spoilers so if you get to see the movie and you don’t want to be spoiled I urge you to please click away now. When we do eventually see those who have been infected … Read more

10 Most Ghastly Mythological Creatures From Around The World

Linnaean Hydra

Every country in every region of the world has its own unique set of myths and folklore. these myths often feature some quite disturbing creatures and monsters and today we’ll be taking a look at ten of the most terrifying creatures from around the world. 1. Wendigo Our first creature is definitely one that a spiked in recent popularity since the release of the video game until dawn it is of course the Wendigo. The Wendigo is a mythical creature that was … Read more

4 Most Terrifying Witches From Occult History

Mother Shipton

When we think of witches it’s quite easy to imagine that typical wart nosed woman saw him on a broomstick or some old hag stirring a ladle for a cauldron of boiling goo. Some might imagine them with pointy hats or hideous green skin, whilst others might look to more modern interpretations, whether it be a nose twitching housewife a know-it-all heroine or a … Read more

QWERKYWRITER S® – The Most Expensive Keyboard


QWERKYWRITER : The minute you get your hands on this wonderful portable you find yourself with an urge to express yourself now that can be mighty important not only in school but in later life too so I’ve made videos on many unusual crazy keyboards computer keyboards Bluetooth keyboards wireless keyboards wired keyboards touch keyboards laser keyboards if there’s a keyboard I’m probably gonna look … Read more