Everything You Need To Know About Cargo Virus

Cargos a move that takes place in post-apocalyptic Australia will be witnessed the aftermath of a virus outbreak that turns the infected into zombie like creatures. Today this post will focus on explaining the virus itself rather than explaining the entire movie but there will most likely still be spoilers so if you get to see the movie and you don’t want to be spoiled I urge you to please click away now.

When we do eventually see those who have been infected by this outbreak they do seem to have some of the tropes that we would associate with generic zombie creatures such as being drawn towards blood and having the urge to feast on flesh. The most common way of one being affected by this cargo virus seems to be either through a scratch or a bite by one of the infected and these infected do seem to be quite slow hobbling around making it quite easy for them to be outrun by any form of vehicle. There are a few things that make these zombies from cargo stand out from what we would generally expect.

These Dombey seem to need rest and they seek dark places when they slumber which is why we sometimes see them with their head buried in dirt almost like an ostrich bearing its head in sand which also earned them the nickname diggers. The government in cargo do seem to be aware of this virus outbreak and when K becomes infected she pulls out some kind of kit that is clearly targeted towards those who have been infected. It comes complete with a pamphlet that shows us some of the symptoms of the virus which include fever nausea seizures and vomiting all things that we see throughout the movie. The kit also contains a wrist timer that is set to 48 hours making it clear that this is how long it takes for one to become an un-dead zombie. Lastly we do see some kind of pen that allows infected to take their own lives if they didn’t wish to turn. those who have been infected seem to protrude an orange area of sludge from their wounds in their face and that later stages of the infection their face is almost entirely caked in this slime like substance. The substance does almost make the virus seem like is closely tied to nature as it personally reminds me of sap fusion from a tree.

Now as for the actual causes of the virus we are given a few hints throughout the movie well let’s a believe that chemicals may have been exposed by mining company using the technique known as fracking which many believe to be quite bad for the environment this ties into the explanation that were given by the clever man who says that man is poisoning the earth and as a result the earth or poison man so it’s very possible that some kind of gas or virus may have been exposed by this mining company when digging through poisoned land. The virus would most likely than been carried airborne and once enough are infected it will then spread through biting and scratching. Unlike most zombie films there doesn’t seem to be a cure for the virus I’m almost given the impression that nature will run its course when man stops poisoning the earth the earth will stop poisoning man and the virus will disappeared.

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